Native American Flute Making Workshop:



Learn the art of making the Native American flute with award-winning Coast Salish Native American flutist Paul "Che oke ten" Wagner.  Che oke ten's 'Journey of the Spirit' album received the 2009 Best Native American Album JPF Award, an international award affiliated with CD Baby. Native American flute is easy to play because every note sounds good with the other notes, due to the pentatonic tuning, so no musical experience is necessary. You will shape and bring your flute to life with your own hands! Che oke ten shares traditional teachings around receiving your song, where the music comes from, how the instrument works, and how to care for your flute. You will also receive a lesson on how to play your new quality custom-made red cedar G 6-hole Native American flute. Workshop cost: $140. For more  information, please contact Che oke ten at

Sacred Hoop Drum Making Workshop:



Join us for a fun and informative frame drum making workshop. Paul "Che oke ten" Wagner is an award-winning Coast Salish artist who shares the art of creating your own frame drum with intention and sacredness, breathing life into your drum in every step of the creation process. He shares the ancient spiritual teachings around drum making and care. Each step of the drum making process is honored with a Coast Salish song which pays respect to the elements of the drum. The hand drum is the heartbeat of our Mother Earth and can connect you with the wisdom of all of our ancestors and the circle of life. High quality 14" drum materials are provided. Workshop cost: $150. For more  information, please contact Che oke ten at

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Drum cedar inside