Paul Che oke' ten Wagner, Native American Flutist & Storyteller

Paul "Che oke ten" Wagner is an internationally performing presenter of traditional songs and stories of his Coast Salish tribal ancestors. Che oke ten is a member of the Wsaanich (Saanich) Tribe of southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. An award-winning Native American flutist, his songs have come to him with visions of healing and prayer for all relations (tree people, animal people and human people).


Che oke ten's debut Native flute CD "Journey of the Spirit" has been honored with the Best Native American Album of 2009 JPF Award, a CD-Baby-affiliated international award. Che oke ten has shared the stage and collaborated with many prominent artists such as Eyvind Kang, Gina Sala, Bill Frisell, Andre Feriante, Kitaro and Seattle Symphony Orchestra. His CDs are widely used by practitioners of meditation, massage and tai chi.

Nature is where his music comes from-- the deep silence and spirit that lives in the ancient waters and forests of the Salish Sea bioregion are a gift directly from Spirit to help us heal on this path we walk through life. Che oke ten's music has this same breath and soul inside each note and each silence, allowing us to better understand and realize the ancient Coast Salish belief that we are a part of the Nature which Spirit placed on the lands and waters. We are helped to remember that we have come to this place, Mother Earth, to heal and to bring reciprocal relationships with all things around us. Letting this ancient wisdom enter the intelligence of our hearts will place us inside of the circle of life, to create long lasting innate harmony and peace around us and within us.

In addition to his performing and recording work, Che oke ten makes frame drums and Native American flutes. He teaches workshops on drum making and flute playing. He makes Coast Salish form wood carvings, and is a videographer and photographer of Nature's phenomenal spiritual gifts.


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